IHOP Downtown Newark

IHOP Downtown Newark is Adenah’s 4th IHOP overall and her 2nd in the City of Newark. It’s located in the retail space of 915 Broad Street, a new 84-unit mixed-income residence across from City Hall that she co-developed.



IHOP Newark

IHOP Newark is the third franchise location for Adenah. Prior to her purchase, IHOP Newark was on the verge of closure and nearly 50 employees would have lost their jobs. Since assuming ownership in the Spring of 2017, Adenah fully renovated the location, hired additional staff, and updated the menu.




IHOP Paterson

On June 22, 2015, Adenah cut the ribbon on her second IHOP, the first and only location in the City of Paterson. Like IHOP Irvington, it provides needed employment and offers the community a reasonably priced and family friendly restaurant option.




IHOP Irvington

Where most people saw a dilapidated former diner in Irvington, New Jersey, Adenah saw an opportunity for a family-friendly restaurant that would create jobs and transform a blighted property. Her fond memories of IHOP dinners with her father inspired Adenah to bring the first-ever IHOP to Irvington. After being turned down by 7 banks and being told that an IHOP would not work in Irvington, she cut the ribbon on her first restaurant in 2007. By 2010, Adenah’s IHOP was the fastest growing in the Northeast. Today it employs 90 people and is known for its consistently high-quality food and customer service as well as its contributions to the community.